Affiches soviétiques (1917-1953)


For the power of the Soviets !



All power is to the Soviets !


Social Revolutioner's Party. You find your right in the struggle ! 1917



The Proletarian dictatorship's year - October 1917-October 1918. 1918



Ahead, in defense of the Urals ! 1919



May-Day. Workers have nothing to lose but their chains. 1919



A ghost wanders about Europe, a ghost of communism. 1920


Let's go to Communist party ! 1920



Comrade Lenin cleans the land from garbage. 1920

(Le camarade Lénine nettoie la Terre de la saleté.)



An illiterate man is a blind man. 1920



Every hammer blow is a blow to enemy ! 1920



Did you volunteer ! 1920



Us, by the quarter of cannons, whips and machine-guns. 1920



The capital. 1920



For the death of world imperialism ! 1920



Only close unity of workers and peasants saves Russia from ruin and hungry. 1920



In order to have more - we have to produce more. 1920



What the October revolution gave workers. 1920



We destroy the ruin's chains with a strong stroke. 1921



Send Menshevik to soviet - bourgeois comes. Send S.R. 1921



The money new, the real strong currency, will strengthen our towns and country. 1924



Lenin 1870-1924. 1924



Young Leninists - Illyich's children. 1924



The victory of revolution in the cooperation of workers and peasants. 1925



Peasant woman, consolidate the unity of workers and peasants. 1925



If you would not read books, you will forget the grammar. 1925



Liberated woman, build up socialism ! 1926



The building of socialism. 1927



On condition of total cooperation. 1927



Old and new - The general line. 1929



Stop. The last warning. 1929



We state it loud, drunkards be elsewhere. 1929



Let's annihilate the kulak's class ! 1930



The Stalin's pipe. 1930



Tractors and day nurseries - movers of the new country. 1930



With the Lenin flag. 1931



Day labourers and Komsomol members, on tractor ! 1931



Shock gathering in for harvest of Bolsheviks. 1931


Shock woman-worker, strengthen shock-brigades ! 1931


Sleep at work helps the enemies of the working class. 1931



Let's overcome the class enemy resistance by the socialist's attack ! 1931



Let's take by storm. The last fourth year of five-year plan ! 1931



Proletarian woman, master the aeronautical engineering. 1931



For the reconstruction of the transport ! 1931



The future war will be exceedingly mechanized. 1931



Every Komsomol girl has to master the battle equipment. 1932



Fifteen years of the Soviet Power. 1932



Rot Front (Red Front) ! 1932



The 8 of March-the day of revolt of working women against the kitchen slavery. 1932



The Dneprostroy has been built. 1932



Trade unions - into the struggle for the 10 million ton of cast iron counter-plan. 1932



Komsomol members ! Let's fulfill comrade Voroshilov's demands. 1932



Let's consolidate industrial power of Soviet Union ! 1932



Kolkhoznik, guard your fields against the class enemies. 1933



Women in the collective farms, a great power. 1933



The capitan of Soviet Country leads us from victory to victory ! 1933



Komsomol member, young worker, pioneer ! 1934



Mastering the machinery, be in the first ranks of the builders of the communism. 1934



The Storm. 1934



Chapaev. 1935



Got the Metro ! 1935



Long live our native invincible Red Army ! 1936



Thanks to dear Stalin for a happy childhood ! 1936



Life became better, life became merrier ! 1936



The Circus. 1936


All on elections to the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R. 1937



Glory to Stalin's falcons-conquerors of the air element ! 1937


Fashism is hunger, fashism is terror, fashism is war ! 1937



Regards to the fighters against fascism. 1937


Root out spies and saboteurs. 1937



Long live the emancipated woman of the U.S.S.R ! 1938



U.S.S.R. a country of what's biggest in the world. 1938



Sports parade-a mighty demonstration of vigour. 1938



He who's strong in the air. 1938



Long live to the strong aviation of the socialism country ! 1939



Long live Soviet pilots ! 1939


Lenin in 1918. 1939



The train goes from the Socialism Station to the Communism Station. 1939



Fascism, enemy of culture. 1939



Party and Lenin - twins-brothers. 1940



Stalin cares at the Kremlin about everybody. 1940



Long live the invincible Red Army ! 1940



Let's smite and annihilate the enemy hip and thigh ! 1941



Motherland calls ! 1941



Let's make a stand for Moscow ! 1941



Each strike of a hammer is a strike against the enemy ! 1941



Harvesting is a severe blow at the enemy ! 1941


Join the ranks of the front brigades, a fighter needs your hands and aid ! 1941



Keep the Lenin's city ! 1941



For the glory of scout heroes that is destroying home front of fascists. 1941



Partisans, fight the enemy without mercy ! 1941



The black wings will not fly above the Motherland. 1941



We'll take your place ! 1941



What is your help to the front. 1941



Red Army Soldier, save ! 1942



A young fritz. 1942


All for the victory! from the women of the U.S.S.R. to the front ! 1942



Death for the German occupant ! 1942



Stalingrad. 1942



Ahead towards the Victory ! 1943



For the Motherland ! 1943



Let's save the Soviet children from the Germans ! 1943


Let's secure a rich crop in 1944 ! 1944



Through the enemy's land to victory ! 1944



The return. 1944


You gave back our life ! 1944


You will live happy ! 1944



Let's build up ! 1944



The Soviet banner. 1945



For the glory of warrior-victor ! 1945


Our banner, the banner of Victory ! 1945



To the victorious Motherland-glory. 1945



Let`s rebuild in the best way ! 1945



For the greater glory of Red Army ! 1946



Get down to work ! The plan is clear, to build for our Motherland dear. 1946



Work as Darya Garmash does ! 1946



I shall vote for the candidates of the block of the communists and non-party men ! 1946



I vote for the communistic candidates and the non-party men ! 1947



Kolkhozniks, vote for the further raising of the collective farming ! 1947



Women in the collective farms, a great power ! 1947



Oil industry workers, more oil for Motherland ! Let's carry out the five year plan in 4 years ! 1948



Under capitalism... Under socialism ! 1948



Great Stalin, a torch of communism ! 1949



Long live and may prosper our Motherland ! 1949



Let's come to abundance ! 1949



The tractor-drivers. 1949



Let's give above the plan, comrades wood-cutters ! 1949



There were and there could be no such women in the old days ! 1950



To kolkhozes, sovkhozes, MTS electric energy. 1950



The people's dreams came true ! 1950



For the people's happiness ! 1950


Young builder of communism ! Ahead to new successes of labour and studying ! 1950



We demand peace ! 1950



In the name of Communism ! 1951



Under the rule of great Stalin, let's go ahead to communism ! 1951



Phrases and ...bases. 1952

("Des phrases et... des bases" Le speaker crie dans le micro : "paix, défense, désarmement.")



The unforgettable year of 1919. 1952



Love book, a source of knowledge. A.M.Gorky. 1952



Be vigilant ! 1953



Vigilance is our weapon ! 1953


Vigilance is our weapon. Be vigilant ! 1953



The Korean people won't be subdued ! 1953


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